The Inaugural Post

It seems more than fitting that on the first day of a new year I’m writing the inaugural blog post for The Bites and Pieces.

This site is a long time coming, the finally-out-of-the-oven culmination of my (short) life’s dreams.

And I guess you could say it all began with biology homework.

I was sitting in the library the summer after my freshman year of college, chipping away at homework for my summer term classes. I began a reading by Michael Pollan when wow. Lightbulb. Epiphany. Whatever. In that “inspired” moment (that’s how I described to my journal how I felt that day) I realized what my passion was. Food. Up to that point, I really had measured and preserved my life in bites—memories of culinary commemorations: the run-of-the-mill andextraordinary. Food is something that attached itself so seamlessly into my already-fervent love of journalism, the passion I’d had all my life. It seemed like a confirmation when that fall, my persuasive writing class took an inspired theme: food writing. From there, my first food blog, The Refrigerator Diary, emerged.

And so it began. My love affair with food, plus journalism. And I’ve got big dreams, and big plans for The Bites and Pieces. My first food site! Here I’ll be sharing food with you, and showcasing your best food memories, food news, and ideas. Let’s enjoy life’s tastes!

And, so you know, debuting this is actually terrifying, so I. NEED. YOUR. HELP. I want to hear your stories, your ideas. Share them with me in the contact page!

Here’s to The Bites and Pieces! Thanks for joining me!

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