Kitchen JAMZ: January

This is The Bites and Pieces’ first monthly feature, what I’ve affectionately deemed: Kitchen JAMZ. Yes, with a ‘z.’ Don’t forget that. It’s very important.

Being in the kitchen is obviously one of my favorite things. It’s my IN-THA-ZONE time. But sometimes when you’re working your roux, waiting for water to boil, or preheating your oven, you just gotta….dance. You’re wearing your fuzzy socks and suddenly, you’re moon-walking. You’re stirring a sauce and—AW YEAH—your wooden spoon becomes your microphone. Belting out a Whitney classic? Don’t mind if I do. You’re busting Britney moves, then….oops. Husband’s home. Okay, back to stirring quietly. (Or wait for him to join in).

So, to make your meals even more fun, each month I’m providing you with my favorite JAMZ, kitchen tunes for your THIS IS ALL ME time. This special beginning-of-2016 virtual mixtape (remember mix tapes? I used to make them for all the boys I liked….) has 60 minutes of goodness: oldies-but-greaties, boy bands whose CDs I’m not ashamed I’ve listen to unhealthily, Queen-B girl-anthems, synthy dance-pop, Beiber (because, hey, I’m not perfect – sue me) and MORE.

So enjoy, my fabulous friends! I know you got moves. BUST ‘EM!



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