Updates/Data Bites: Gilmore Girls, History of the Choco Taco, and More

This post comes with a big, FAT apology. I haven’t written in so long, and to be honest, it’s because food, for the past few months, has been incredibly….well, unappealing.

On that note, I’m pregnant! *insert baby emoji here*

Of course, my announcement involved doughnuts. 🙂

My husband and I are so so so excited, and so so so grateful to be growing our family. It’s a joyous time, but it’s also been a huge adjustment, part of that being my currently troubled relationship with the taste, sight and smell of basically all foods. Food aversion is never something I’ve had to deal with, but boy oh boy. It’s real. I dreamed of ending my summer in Seattle by reviewing (and re-enjoying) all of the delicious food discoveries I’d made over the previous months (like Salumi’s divine porchetta sandwich), but in truth, it just involved a lot of saltines and ginger ale. Whomp whomp whomp. I know. It’s been terrible. And I just haven’t felt the motivation to work on blog posts about food that I was then detesting.

Now, a few months into my pregnancy, I think the nausea is finally starting to subside a little. While most food still makes me shudder (specifically, anything with red sauce, balsamic vinegar, or garlic), I am now starting to branch out from just crackers.

So I’m back. Ready to keep cooking—and posting—away. Thanks for sticking with me.

Here are some Data Bite updates:

-Gilmore Girls fans, listen up! For one day, coffee shops around the country are being temporarily transformed into Luke’s diner, offering free coffee (sponsored by Netflix) to GG fanatics. See the article and shop locations here. (On that note, who else is counting down until November 25?? I think I see a “Food Inspired by Gilmore Girls” post in your future…) (GIF)

-Anyone else think those little white plastic “tables” in pizza boxes were just for use with your Barbie dolls? SAME. But apparently, they’re a real patented invention, and this article taught me their true purpose. Brilliant! (Still think they’re perfect for playing, though….)

-I LOVE these kinds of stories: the history behind the famous treat, the Choco Taco.

-NEW COOKBOOK ALERT! I have been so stoked for Molly Yeh’s debut Molly on the Range. Out today!

-Blue Bell ice cream just issued another listeria-related recall and we’re all dying inside (GIF)

-ATTN: FALL ITEMS NOW AT TRADER JOES!! (Roundup post to come!)

-Interesting food history reads: the Easy Bake Oven through the years and how baking competitions changed the way we talk about recipes.

-Cool finds! Archived collections of restaurant menus and influential American cookbooks.

-My love for fruity pebbles knows no end.

-Article: where food and culture meet

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