Data Bites: What You Need To Know

(in which I share the best food-related info/news)

I’m a journalist by education, so it’s ingrained in me to be constantly researching content and searching for news (and celebrity gossip…but that’s news too, right?)

That being said, I’m debuting a new feature on B&P, called #DataBites. Bites. Data Bites. Get it? ….okay. Moving on. Data Bites is going to feature a myriad of food-related tidbits that I find – and the tidbits that I get from readers! So, got a bite? Send it our way in the ‘Contact’ section! We’d love to hear it. Or eat it. (Note: these are NOT typically sponsored posts. Just sharing cool things I’ve found/learned/read).

    • What should you eat for dinner? Ask the cards. Independent illustrator Josh LaFayette created his own play on food tarot cards, hand-drawn fortunes solving the ever-present question: what’s for dinner? The cards are sold by Chronicle Books and can be found here. Also, there’s a great interview with Josh here. THESE ARE FUN.
    • Ever wanted to eat more exotically, but travel isn’t on your budget? Every two months, you can taste the cuisine of a new country, like Thailand or Portugal, curated from expert chefs. Try the World offers a subscription-based model, which can be paused or canceled at any time. An awesome way to discover the world through its food!
    • A few months ago in the on-campus library, I discovered a gold mine: age-old cookbooks. Down on a bottom floor, next to abandoned cubicles were stacks and stacks of books with yellowed pages and the cooking stories of yesteryear. Then, in perhaps the coolest archiving project I’ve encountered, I discovered Yesterdish, a site dedicated to rescuing lost recipes. You can go back in time and browse photos of handwritten recipes from the past. Now, it’s easier than ever to cook dishes like grandma used to make.
    • I’m really grateful for college. As students, we are constantly given opportunities to enrich our experience and broaden our understanding. This month, I attend a lecture on the historical cultural significance of street food, given by University of Toronto history professor and author Jeffrey Pilcher. If you’re interested, you can watch the lecture here! So cool!
    • Yeah, yeah, I know we all don’t care about salmonella when it comes to eating raw cookie dough. Dough is the best part, and TBH, it’s worth the risk. Buuuut, if are a smart person, you could order Edoughble. A few months ago, I sent my husband a text: “Just so you know, I’m buying $25 worth of cookie dough online! See ya later!” You know, he must really love me, because he didn’t even think it was odd! Maybe he’s just used to my crazy antics by now. Anyhow, it comes shipped in small containers of ready-to-eat, eggless dough. Every so often they have special flavors, like the Justin’s PB + Edoughble combo that I had. Uhm, yeah, that janx was GOOOOD. Now, I’m eyeing that Maple Crumb Donut flavor. Mmmmm. (Pssst, Edoughble you’re totally welcome for the free publicity. But just so you know, I don’t mind free cookie dough….)


    • This BuzzFeed article: 39 Accessories That Look Exactly Like Your Favorite Food. Didn’t know you needed a taco ring? Well, now you do. You’re welcome.
    • That moment when I found nirvana. Yep, it’s called Book Larder, it’s in Seattle, and it’s a BOOKSTORE JUST FOR COOKBOOKS. I know, I know. It’s unreal. And to make it even more amazing, they have author talks, cooking classes, and other cool food-related events. If you need me this summer, I’ll be there.


    • That one time Anna Watson Carl (of “The Yellow Table”, AKA my hero) liked my picture on Instagram *faints*

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Well, folks, that’s all the Data Bites for this week! Until the next!




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