Data Bites: What You Need to Know

This is a JAM-PACKED Data Bites. Enjoy!


So many nostalgic goodies: velvet turtlenecks, push pops, and side ponies adorned with large scrunchies. Feast your eyes on true 90s children.

-Thank You For Being a Friend
If you know me at all, you know that I.LOVE.GOLDEN.GIRLS.  For me, Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose are absolutely, 100% #SquadGoals. I have all the seasons on DVD and dream about having late-night cheesecake rendezvous with the gals while listening to “Picture This…” stories from Sophia. It is —- that I must impress upon you the seriousness of this news: There is  a GG-themed cafe opening in Manhattan! THIS IS NOT A DRILL

giphy (1)

It is called Rue’s Cafe (a homage to Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche in the series), and was started by a friend of the actresses. Here are some additional details about it. This comes on the heels of another VERY important announcement about a Saved by the Bell-themed pop-up restaurant in Chicago. So basically….BYE GOING ON SOME TRIPS

For All You Breakfast Lovers
I’m not shy about acknowledging my love for breakfast foods. Neither is this amazing website. Now hiring: bacon critic. YAASSS

Other tidbits:

-Want to study abroad? Love chocolate? Well, you should go to BYU.

Another reason I’m moving to NYC.

-If you’re still mourning the of Girl Scout Cookie season, here are some baking mixes that can hold you over until next spring. Or, if you’ve hoarded Thin Mints in the freezer for –, you can combine the cookies and Golden Girls and make this cheesecake. OR! You can make these AMAZING Girl Scout Cookie cakes from Studio DIY.

-The NYT validating my love for porchetta, here and here.

-I’ve always found this fascinating: “Picture Show: You Are What You Eat”

-Interesting read: “How Food Became Pop Culture” by Mario Batali

The coolest article from NPR looking into the relationship between food and Shakespeare.

-NYT: “Written Recipes Undergo a Makeover”

-A new spot for my bucket list: a place to make your own custom fortune cookies!

This carnival-themed bar in Seattle has a burger named after my favorite acting duo.

-PRAISE to the sister of all sisters, bc after a frantic plea, my beloved sent me TWO packages of Fruity Crisp Oreos in the mail!! Is that love or what? Update: they are delicious.

-From Joseph Gordon Levitt’s site HitRecord: a collaborative cooking project!

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