Recipe: White Chocolate Cookie Butter Popcorn

#nationalpopcornday & Teddy Grahams Don’t Melt

This post pays homage to two of my best friends, Amy & Tasha. And also, because HELLO #nationalpopcornday. NBD.

(Some important #NationalPopcornDay links: NPR on The History & Science of Popcorn; the Washington Post on inventive ways to use movie theater popcorn)

So, first things first, Amy is one of my best friends. We met at a Coldstone Creamery in seventh grade, and life has never been the same. Together, we’ve battled school dances, mean-spirited Latin teachers, and church summer camps. Her favorite food is popcorn, and her love eventually spread to me. Now, I make it several times a week, mixing it up with different seasonings and toppings. It’s like, one of those foods that you can just eat foreevvvveerrr. Yum. So good. So she inspired the popcorn post.

Old School

(Amy and I, circa 2008)

The other inspiration for this recipe is my friend Tasha. We met freshma year of college, and were roommates for years after. We have so many memories together, and countless that involve loud car music and food adventures.

In 2012, the summer after our freshman year at BYU, I was being all dramatic, pining after a boy that broke my heart. I swore I was in love with him (turns out, I was. I call him husband now). As my diligent and understanding friend and roommate, Tasha dragged me to a now-debunct hole-in-the-wall waffle/crepe shop called The Awful Waffle (can we get a minute of silence please? RIP, Awful Waffle). There, I proceeded to eat my feelings each week as I took solace in a liege waffle with bananas and speculoos. In the layers of sugary goodness, I drowned my 19-year-old heartbreak and grew to love the taste of the waffle’s rich spread. After a while, I decided that I wanted to have speculoos at our apartment, preferably so I could enjoy it by the spoon while crying and binge-watching Gilmore Girls. One day, I asked an employee of Awful Waffle: “So, what exactly is speculoos?” She thought for a minute. “It’s basically like Teddy Grahams,” she said. Ah. Teddy Grahams. Okay, my domestically-ambitious mind thought. I can make that! That very same day, Tasha and I bought out the stock of Wal-Mart’s Teddy Grahams, and set out to make our own speculoos.

Kasee and Tasha

(Tasha and I. We were really excited about the nachos.)

And let me tell you, Teddy Grahams are some magical marvel of science because THEY.DON’T.MELT. They do, however, when placed in pan, create dangerous amounts of smoke in your apartment, destroy your pans, and use up your butter and milk supply. So yeah, long story short, no speculoos.

It wasn’t until later, after visiting Trader Joes, that I realized what speculoos actually was. Not Teddy Grahams, but COOKIE BUTTER! I had never before discovered so glorious a thing. Spread made from those fabulous cookies you get on airplanes. Brilliant. Since then, I’ve always had a constant two-jar stock of cookie butter wherever I’ve lived.

So, this is tribute to my favorite things: friends, popcorn, and cookie butter (with a little white chocolate added for good measure). Enjoy! I know I will.


White Chocolate Cookie Butter Popcorn

½ bag white chocolate chips

½ cup cookie butter (I use Trader Joes, but most stores sell a jarred biscoff spread; same thing. And feel free to use more than ½ a cup! TREAT YO’ SELF.)

Popped popcorn (use an air popper, or kernels cooked on the stove)

10-12 biscoff cookies, roughly crushed

  1.    Pop the popcorn. Put in a large bowl.
  2.    Melt white chocolate chips in a bowl. Start by microwaving it for 30 seconds, stir, then repeat until melted.
  3.    Melt the ½ cup cookie butter, just a little to soften it, about 20 seconds in the microwave.
  4.    Pour the sauces on the popcorn, alternating: white chocolate, melted cookie butter, crushed biscoff cookies. Using a long-handled spoon, stir the popcorn to mix, then repeat with the melted chocolate, melted cookie butter and biscoff cookie chunks. Mix until popcorn is covered.
  5.    EAT IT ALL




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