Glamorous Brunch Food Forever and Ever, Amen

I am constantly thanking the employment gods for my job at the Marriott School.


Not only do I get to do what I love (writing), and associate with inspiring minds (killer co-workers), but strangely enough, I get also get awesome ideas for things I want to make in the kitchen. Weird, I know. But let’s just…

Segue: Christmas training/party. December 2015. Brunch. And, uhm, not just brunch but: CREME.BRULEE.FRENCH.TOAST. Yes, it’s real, it’s a thing, and I ate two helpings. #sorrynotsorry

So to pay homage to the greatest job ever, here it is: my version (adapted from a NYT recipe) of the most glorious, diet-busting breakfast (or lunch…or dinner) of all-time. Can I get a HALLELUJAH (that this exists)??


Crème Brûlée French Toast

2 ¼ cups whole milk
½ cup heavy cream
3 tablespoons orange juice
2 teaspoons vanilla extract¾ teaspoon nutmeg
¼ teaspoon salt
1 loaf challah bread, sliced 1 inch thick, preferably stale
1 cup packed light brown sugar
8 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1. In a bowl, mix together eggs, milk, cream, orange juice, vanilla, nutmeg, and salt.
2. Spread bread out in 1 layer on a large baking sheet. Pour custard mixture over bread and cover with plastic wrap.
3. Put the pans in the refrigerator and let “marinate” for 4 hours, or overnight. Flip the slices halfway through, or an hour before baking.
4. Heat oven to 365 degrees. In another bowl, mix together butter and brown sugar. Using a spatula, spread the mixture on another large baking sheet or two 9×13 pans.
5. Transfer soaked bread to the new baking sheet, placing it on top of the brown sugar/butter mixture.
6. Bake for 25 minutes, or until tops of bread are golden brown and the sugar is bubbling. Serve hot! (And unless you hold a sugar coma well, you probably don’t need syrup! It’s sweet enough).

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