Want S’more? Your Ultimate Summer S’mores Guide

We could all probably agree that Candyland is the best childhood game, yes?

I mean, it was like, one of your first experiences with adrenaline rush: you’re almost to the Candy Castle yes yes and you’re turning cards you’re turning cards are you going to get Plumpy?? AHHHHH

Yes, those card-flipping moments were genuine adolescent moments of terror and excitement.

But, I must say, that if I were a game-maker and looking to update the board game (which, apparently has been done to this particular game in the last decade), I would add a special character, who I would affectionately deem: Suzy S’more. Because, lezzzbehonest, if you can have Gloppy, than you can have Suzy S’more. Suzy, of course, is a character inspired by yours truly, the QUEEN OF S’MORES.

What I’m trying to get at is that here, I’ve developed your guide to the Perfect Summer S’more. Yep, I’m that confident.

For me, summer is all about being outside, watching the sunset as you roast your way through an entire bag of marshmallows.

My husband is athleltic and has a fast metabolism. But there are a few things I can out-eat him at, and one of those things is s’mores.  I go HARD. When he’s topping off his second, ready for a break, I’m forging ahead like, HERE WE GO, on to the next, number 10!!

Embarrassing? Perhaps.

But my passion has provided you here with a guide to making the most of your summer treat. Enjoy!


Guide to a Perfect Summer S’more

  1. An Unconventional Base

I know, I know. This does NOT look like the tried-and-true s’more you know. But hear me out. Recently, over a bonfire at a family friend’s house, I saw their box of s’mores. Be, being the previously-purist s’more maker, turned up my nose; certainly, those weren’t for the s’mores?? But lo and behold, this friend was on to something. Graham crackers are already sweet, a cookie, basically. But a Ritz cracker, aside from being the PERFECT size to house the marshmallow, is also a perfect bite of sweet AND salty. The saltiness adds this extra dimension that is OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. Seriously, you have to give it a chance. I’ve never looked toward a graham cracker box again.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Milk Chocolate

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is the go-to for the melty middle of the s’more. But that can be the exception, not the rule. Many a sticky s’more has been upgraded by adding in a square (or three) of chocolate of a different variety: white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, PB cups, Twix, or even Rolos. I love plopping a Justin’s PB cup on my Ritz. Hello, delicious. Be creative! The world is your oyster! …errr, s’more.


3. Ditch the Pyrotechnics

We’ve all done it: gotten our mallow a little too close to the fire, and whoosh, up in flames. Now you’re doomed to gobble down a s’more with a charred middle. Ick. Instead, position yourself (and your roasting stick) close to the fire’s coals at the base of the fire. The coals are the key; setting up camp (ha) near them will get you a slow burn, and a perfectly brown and toasted marshmallow—without the crusty black skin.


Happy roasting!

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