9 Celebs Who Love Food as Much as We Do

Celebrities are just like us.

I mean, they work, they play, they go to the grocery store.

They also drive cars more expensive than any house I’ll ever own and wear makeup to the gym.

But other than that, they’re just like us.

Here is your Friday roundup of the red-carpet regulars who eat food (and LOVE it), just like the rest of us.

1. J-LAW (aka: Jennifer Lawrence)

But really, gifs are all we need:



giphy (5)

giphy (8)

giphy (9)

giphy (13)

She also apparently got Dorito stains on her movie costumes. We love you, J-Law. As much as you love pizza.

2. Taylor Swift

She bakes with Ina Garten and takes cooking classes with Lorde. NBD.

She also shares her cookie recipes (and a love for Joy the Baker and Smitten Kitchen, two of our faves) on social media, so we can feel like part of her squad.

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3. Chrissy Teigen

Chriss Teigen is our hero. The celeb is not one of those people who talks about how much she loves food then actually eats four almonds for dinner. She is unabashedly in love with food. Her cookbook, Cravings is filled with food you actually to want to eat, like wings and chili. She also has her own food website and is not afraid to share her love for food on social media:

She knows where it’s AT (and she’s an expert on Dunakroos)Capture

4. Ali Larter

We’re big fans of celebs who know their way around a kitchen. Can we go to her house for dinner??

5. Blake Lively

I swear I have friends.

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And she makes her own McMuffins!

Homemade breakfast: English muffin, sausage, egg, extra sharp cheddar and SRIRACHA MAYONIASE!!! Whaaaat?!?

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

6. Aziz Ansari

We’ll never forget his Parks & Rec persona Tom’s description of food:

We could really go for some bean blankies right about now.

Plus, his Instagram is chock full of photographed goodies (esp. his love for porchetta. We are soul friends).

FINAL BIG BUD LIL BUD MEAL IN ROME. 😮 @katieparla via @ericwareheim

A photo posted by @azizansari on

7. Kelis

Sure, her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, but her burgers are bringing everyone to London.

She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Plus, she has a sauce line, her own Cooking Channel show, and cookbook; her 2014 album is called Food; her line of fashion accessories is called Cake. Dedication.

8./9. Anna Kendrick/Olivia Wilde

We had to include these two ladies in two, since they had the most epic Twitter conversation around food.

Funny Tweet

We’d love to be foodie friends with both of them.



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