The Best Thing I Ate This Week: May 14

(Where I share the best thing I ate in the previous week)

Can I just say: I love the PNW!

After leaving the dry desert of Utah, arriving in the wet Washington green is like many deep breaths of fresh air.

I’m working in Seattle this summer, and I’m all like, !!!! inside because I have the whole summer to explore and find the best bites in the city.

This week, I found one.

Tucked in Pike’s Place Market, amidst a myriad of tourist traps, there’s Piroshky Piroshky.



Granted, people know about this place. Not only is there nearly always a line, but it’s rated #14 of over 3,000 restaurants in Seattle on TripAdvisor. So, it’s basically a big deal.

And it’s delicious.

I had the beef and cheese, which was like, okay, yeah, I could eat this for the rest of my life.

There’s also savory ones, so better try a few. You know, for research.

So, if you’re coming to Seattle, make sure to add that to your list of bites!

Meanwhile, I’m going back for seconds.

Runner-up Bite: pork carnita tacos at Moctezuma’s in Gig Harbor. YUM.

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