The Best Thing I Ate This Week: June 25

There are a TON of food holidays. Like, for every food that exists ever.

But, hey. I definitely two thumbs up for any reason to eat any kind of tasty treat.

This week, it so happened that I ate something delicious from a food truck on National Eat at a Food Truck Day! Serendipitous win!

And not just any food truck, but a food truck I have literally been hunting down for weeks.

Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe was never close enough for me to get to during work hours in the city, or I just wasn’t close by when it was near my office.

But on Friday, I caught it. And YOWZA (do people say that???)

image2 (5)

I got The Dictator Sandwich, which is: pulled pork, fried pork belly, Swiss cheese, stoneground mustard, pickled jalapenos, and Seattle Pickle Co. dill pickles on a pressed cinnamon sugar pretzel.

Did you get that??? ON A PRETZEL!

It was a combination of things I thought surely couldn’t be good. But oh. OH. It super was. The combination of the salty mustard and pickles with the sweet cinnamon sugar was just a mix of flavorful goodness. PARTAY IN MY MOUTH WASSUP

image1 (4)

Runner-up: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies from The London Plane.

I love this place. It is such a beautiful and unique space, and man. These cookies are amazing. You can SEE the flecks of sea salt. In my opinion, sea salt was made for chocolate chip cookies. YUM. So good. So good. So good that I actually went twice last week. ooops.

image3 (4)

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