The Best Thing I Ate This Week: June 18

I feel like the theme of this week’s eats was: THE REAL DEAL.

With some of the meals, bite after bite, I just kept thinking: YUP  This is it. This stuff is authentic, well-done, and just how this type of food should be done.

The best thing I ate this week was a plate of pupusas from Belen Pupuseria in Auburn (the bean and cheese: ALL  THE THUMBS UP!!!)

Seth and I had just finished running a fundraiser 5K, and were starving. This place, clearly a local secret, was packed, and for a darn good reason. I shall crown them KING OF PUPUSAS!

image2 (4)

Runner-up: Pappardelle from Il Corvo. I can hardly deem this a runner-up, but rather a 1st place (.1). Like a photo-finish race you have to look closer at to be truly sure.  Il Corvo is a lunch-only pasta restaurant in Seattle, and each day they feature a three-item menu of main pasta dishes. Good luck choosing! They’re all amazing. And I mean, after a trip to Italy, I have a pretty high standard for pasta. But ohmygoodness, this pasta truly lives up to its Italian heritage. The restaurant typically always has a line out the door (again, for good reason), but it’s charming, cozy, and home to the most incredible pasta smells wafting from the kitchen. The pasta is homemade and matched to perfectly-created sauces. The limited menu allows the owners to create amazing, beautiful, and delicious dishes that I’m going to make part of my lunch routine indefinitely. Forever singing its praises!

image3 (3)

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