The Best Thing I Ate This Week: June 11

Believe it or not, this week’s Best Bite is another sandwich. Well, a sandwich-type thing.

After a long husband-chosen camping trip last weekend, it was finally my turn to pick our date night locale, and as I always do, I chose dinner. Tortas Condesa is a place I’ve been eyeing for a while, especially since it’s kind of stuck in the middle of a busy street. It’s a painted-yellow walk-up window in Seattle, decorated with bright orange chairs lining the sidewalks and a wafting of delicious smells. It’s unassuming, humble, and 100% delicious.

I got the house chorizo torta, a sandwich with the PERFECT level of kick. The crusty white roll was filled with pork chorizo, two fried eggs, avocado, cilantro, pickled jalapeños, cotija, and smoked chili mayo. Even scarfing it down on the sidewalk between swigs of horchata, it was perfect. Muy bueno, indeed.



Runner-up: Peanut butter oat chocolate chip cookie from Dahlia Bakery. I can’t get enough of Dahila. Tom Douglas is a hero. The bakery is dangerously close to my office, and filled with so many delicious menu items. This flourless cookie is just enough sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth and it’s incredibly delicious. Also, being only THE biggest You’ve Got Mail fan, I bond with another fellow lover of Dahlia’s: Nora Ephron. (Miss you, NE)

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