The Best Thing I Ate This Week: July 16

It was a gooooood week for cookies, let me tell ya.

After work this week, I took a bus north(east) to Hello Robbin cookies. I had been wanting to visit this bakery for ages, and I was so glad. The cookies were AMAZING.

I got two Mackles’more cookies (a legendary s’more cookie with chocolate chunks) with Scout Mint (of Molly Moon’s fame) ice cream. An incredible ice cream “sammie.” Like, these cookies are literally perfection. Just look. I mean?!

I love the bakery too, a small space that was bright and fun, where you watch staff baking cookies in the open kitchen in front of you as you stuff your face with cookies (and in the best case scenario, with ice cream, too). Yep, I’ll be back.



Are you seeing this?? Okay, let’s get closer.


Want one for yourself?
You can make the cookies at home with the recipe in the Theo Chocolate cookbook (a personal favorite), or adapted by this blogger. Or this one. HOP TO IT

Look whose Mackles’more recipe is featured in the upcoming Theo Chocolate book!

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Runner-up: Chips & Salsa, Asada Enchilada from Taqueria Los Cazadores

This meal was so good! The chips were delivered to us HOT from the oven. As you can see, I remembered to take a picture after I started going to town. So so good.



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