This site is what you might call a smorgasbord.
A wide range, a variety, a buffet of all things foodie.
But it’s also more than that.
Through meaningful moments pieced throughout my (so far, so young) life, I’ve realized something. Food is important. And not in the need-to-eat-to-sustain-yourself kind of way. But in the defining-who-we-are kind of way. Our lives are chock-full of the bites we take, powerful tastes that form the pieces of our identities, and the lives we lead. They are time capsules that preserve the most precious memories of our lives. Food defines our cultures, showcases who we are, what we believe in, and what brings us joy.
So. I’m gobbling up (literally and figuratively) all I can about the food culture of the world, and the food culture of your world.
Welcome to The Bites and Pieces – enjoy yourself! (And don’t forget to take a doggy bag of goodies for the road.)

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